The advantage of carbide over stones is clear: carbide cuts seats with no change in shape or angle. But only Neway cuts with multiple cutting surfaces rather than the single cutting edge of the three -angle profile tool, so Neway cutters are not prone to deflecting off centre when one area of the seat is especially hard.

A Neway tool can cut a seat in the same time it takes to dress a stone. For production work, consider set-up time – an expensive production machine is great for running dozens of identical heads, but if you have a variety of heads to run, that speed can be lost in extensive set-up time. Neway is ready to go right now. No finicky set-up.

The average shop will do hundreds of seats with one set of Neway blades. Compare this to the cost of stones needed to do the same job (don’t forget dressing time), and a complete Neway package is far more economical than most any three-angle system.

What if you want to run your seats narrower than standard tooling will allow? With Neway you have complete control of seat width and placement without buying additional tooling.

The operator can observe the progress and see when the seat is finished.

Only by cutting can you get a true flat seat at an exact angle, with superior “machined” surface. Neway holds concentricity because of the engineering design of the tool.